Buffalo Soldier's  of the American West

Time of the MOJO

Oil on Canvas (2021) 30"x40"



Hidden Figure

Oil on Canvas (2018) 30"x40"


  William Cathey (Female Buffalo Soldier) Post Civil War  



Five of Hearts

Oil on Canvas (2017) 30"x40"



Into the Wind

Watercolor (2016) 30"x40"
In memory of
Bass Reeves




Colorado Pass

Oil on Canvas (2015) 24"x30"

 10th Cavalry on the move through the Colorado Pass. Oil on  Canvas, 2015.
 Series: Buffalo Soldier's of the American West



Blue on Black

Watercolor (2015) 20"x30"
Kenny and Tony Johnson (Sergeant)




Buffalo Soldier's of the American West

Oil on Canvas (2014) 24"x36"

             On Soapstone Prairie near Fort Carson Colorado. Captain
 Dick Werphy  (Unit Commander) riding Hugs for Mama
          Right,   Ray Brown (Corporal)  Center Front, Francisco
         Santos (Trooper)  Left, and Jonas Felix (Corporal) Rear.


On Point

Oil on Canvas (2014) 24" x 36"

 Sergeant John Bruce,
Buffalo Soldier, 10th Cavalry




Approaching Storm

Oil on Canvas (2013) 24" x 36"

First Sergeant Thomas Gregory,
Buffalo Soldier, 9th Cavalry 



First Sergeant
Thomas Gregory

Watercolor (2013)18" x 24"

Buffalo Soldier, 9th Cavalry 




Watercolor (2013) 18" x 24"

"JR" AKA, Sergeant John Bruce
Buffalo Soldier, 10th Cavalry 



Indigenous Man

 Oil on Canvas (2012) 22" x 28"


Crossing Over

Watercolor (2014) 20"x24"

Transition from Colored Infantry
to the Colored Calvary




I'll Hasten to His Thrown

(Blue Boy) Watercolor
(2014) 20"x30"
Tony Johnson, Brighton Colorado

Listen to Whitney Houston singing Iíll hasten to his throne and you will get the meaning of this one.


Riding Free

Oil on Canvas (2014) 24"x36"

Paul McCowan (Sergeant), Associate Buffalo Soldier of the American West on Soapstone Prairie near Fort Carson Colorado riding his horse (Co-Chief)






Charles H. Wright Museum
 of African American History
The 54th Massachusetts


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