Introduction to Art VTS, Pre-test, Jaywalking Art
Video time 5 minutes 1sec

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ART-100-Jaywalking Art

VTS Pre-Test (Art Principles
and Art History) Grade Level: 9th through 12th, Adaptable to Higher Grades.



Akhenaton Royal Family From Tel-Amarna, VTS
Video time 18 minutes 28 sec


Royal Family Amarna VTS


Assyrian Tribal Figure, VTS


VTS Assyrian Figure at Lincoln University


VTS Winslow Homer The Herring Net
Video time 8 minutes 15 sec

Post Assessment
Revisiting Winslow Homer
The Herring Net
Oil on Canvas

VTS Winslow Homer The Herring Net



VTS, Laoco÷n and His Sons

Video time 12 minutes 20 sec
The statue of Laoco÷n and His Sons also called the Laoco÷n Group, Medium: Marble, Vatican Museums, Rome

Laocoon VTS

Laoco÷n was killed after attempting to expose the ruse of the Trojan Horse.


It shows the Trojan priest Laoco÷n and his sons Antiphantes and Thymbraeus being strangled by sea reptile.



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