Also: A.R.C. , Art Research Center Group./A.R.C. Group

Not-for-Profit Structural Artists Organization: State Chartered, 1969;
 Federally Tax Exempt 501-C3 Educational and Charitable Organization, 1970.

Subsidiary Activities:

     D.C.C. - Designers Collaborative Consortium
     N.C.P. - New Circle Publications
     I.S.A. - The International Institute For Modern Structural Art and New
                  Structures Gallery
Evolved from New Center U.S. Art, cooperative artists gallery. K.C. Mo- 1963-64; Interdisciplinary Discussion Group, K.C. Ks-K.C. Mo 1964-66. Officially began with 1st Exhibition, K.C. Mo- October, 1966 - February 1967.
[Greatly inspired by laboratory-like "Institute of light" suggested
     by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy at close of his last book Vision in Motion, 1944-45.]

Art Research Center

A.R.C. Group both historically and contemporaneously always a core of A.R.C. cadre/collective of 3-18 individual members and/or associates: artists, theoreticians, writers, composers, musicians, performers, designers, architects, scientists, technicians, et al. . .or combinations therefrom; who were/are directed toward particular experiments, perceptual and educational events/exhibitions/performances/presentations demonstrative of structural and abstract creative principles/models/exemplars; producing aesthetic objects/events for individual/public participation.

ARC Annex Space Front  on 48th Troost , Circa Summer 1977, Telic 1

Photographs by Stephen Black

Web Photo Gallery


Original A.R.C. Group-1st Exhibition Members:

Michael Stephens, Constructive Artist/Designer/Lecturer
Nancy A. Stephens, Artist/Designer
Jon B. Thogmartin, Architect/Artist
Norton Nelkin, Wittgensteinian Philosopher/Theoretician (d. 1986)
Gary Rice, Theoretician/Computer Programmer (d. 1975)
Philip J. VanVoorst, Artist, Graphic Designer
John Abbick, Artist/Conceptual Modeler (d. 2011)
Harold Chase, Systematic Artist
A.R.C's initial guest exhibition was by Chicago's Architect/
      Structurist Artist Laurence Booth-1967;
Next guest exhibitions were by Toronto Luminal Artist Ziigniew Blazeje and
      Stanley Tigerman, Chicago Architect/Artist First Retrospective both in 1968.

Examples; Exhibitions, Presentations and Lectures/Symposia also include:

A.R.C. 3rd Exhibition and Symposia on Art Science and Technology,
     Linda Hall Library of Science and Technology K.C. MO, 1967;
A.R.C. #4 magazine & 4th Exhibition at Anonima Studio, NYC 1968

Series of Experimental Exhibitions;

1) Experiments with Module and Manipulation 1968
2) Experiments with Reflection and Refraction 1972
3) Experiments with Light and Color 1978
4) Experiments with Threshold of Perception/LIMEN 1981

Construction/Lecture/Performance of A. Weininger's theater The Mechanical Revue 1972-1973
Series of New Music Concerts 1977-1989
Series of Film and Abstract Animation presentations 1979
Experimental Theatre Events 1971-1986
Alternative Educational and Lecture Series 1976-1986

 Telic 77 Poster

MATRIX International Exhibition/ Performance events 1972-1973
A.R.C.’s Space Net National AIA ‘City and Celebration’: 2,500 balloons 10 acres Volker Park 50’h. 4 days, programmed lights; sound transducers in trees; final night:
     12 dancers e/w/2-3’ sparklers dancing 300 yds KCMO 1979.
International TELIC I, II, III 1977-1986
Series of Process Exhibitions 1975-1995
SONOLUMINAL Concert /Performance, Interrelation of Light & Sound: I 1995, II 1996

Related to A.R.C.

New Mexico Street News/MickeyratComix Peter Clapp
"Aspects of Popular Culture" Column by T.M. Stephens, Syndicated Alternative Papers
MIDWEST MODERN Aesthetic Essays Column T.M. Stephens,
     Syndicated Alternative Papers
Cercle e Carre Magazine and Gallery Clay Bodenhamer, Editor/Publisher/Director
GEOM Alliance Liz & Don Willmont, John Harrison, et al..
Harrison Street Review Writer and Co-Editor Larry Alton (also editor MATRIX)


Glass Photogram 1977,  Thomas M. Stephens

Additional A,R.C. Members/Associates/Interns and Advisors since 1967

Robert Scagliotti                          Double Bassist, String Teacher, Composer
Robert Blackman                         Systematic Painter
Skip Godley                                Intern, Art Assistant 1964-1969 (currently
                                                             bassist, band leader)
Patrick Manley                            Associate, Electronic Music Composer 1966-1969
Kenneth Berger                           Associate, Graphic Designer 1967-1969
David Garrison                            Associate Buffalo, Chemistry Technician, Computer Artist
David Desmond                          Associate, Structural Artist 1967-1969 (cofounder
                                                            CONSTRUCT Studio)
Joseph Ziegler                             Associate, Computer Technician 1966-1970
Peter Clapp                                Graphic Designer, Editor, Comic Book Artist
Steven Conard                            Luminal Artist, Designer
Toni Johnson                              Associate, Artist (1968-1973)
Gerard Eisterhold                       Associate, Graphic Designer
Frank Millich                              Associate, Chemist, Educator 1967-1969
Zbigniew Blazeje                        Associate, Toronto Luminal Artist 1968 (d. 2010)
Laurence Booth                         Associate, Chicago Architect/Structuralist Artist 1967
                                                            (Advisor 1969-1989)
Denise Childers                          Intern, Associate, Artist Assistant 1968-1974;
                                                            Member Artist 1972
Ted Otteson                              Associate, 1969-83 Theoretician, writer, actor
Jay Hueser                                Systematic Artist, Graphic Designer, I,T. Specialist
Patricia Schubert                       Editor, Publisher 1976-80
Dorothy Moss                           Curator, Concrete Construction Engineer
Elizabeth Willmott                      Associate, Structurist Artist, Photographer, Writer
Merl E. Brown                          Associate Photographer, Connoisseur
Catherine Emily                         Program Writer, Curator
Virginia Hillix                             Painter, Educator, Curator 1972(d. 2008)
Carlos Setien                             Structural Artist, Steel Fabricator/Engineer 1977
Stephen Black                           Intern Ohio/New York Graphic Designer
Essex Garner                             Intern 1979 Member Beginning 1989 Artist Delineator
William Cozad                           Associate Artist, Designer Associate 1976
Jan Tvedten                               Graphic Artist, Co-Curator
Pamela Guftavson                      Associate Fabric Artist
Wayne Yockey                         Micro-Tonal Composer, Educator, Musician

R. Travaglione Contact Sheet

Dorothy Moss, T.M.Stephens, Stephen Black in ARC Telic 77
Annex Gallery 1977  


Steve Paul                                 Associate 1977-1981 Journalist, Writer
John Baird                                 Photographer, Luminal Artist (d. 2006)
Kathryn Howard                       Writer, Photographer
Sue Scott                                  Associate Curator
Yvonne Ellsworth                      Photographer, Co-Curator
Ralph Feik                                Systematic, Artist, Designer
Jamie Yates                              Associate San Francisco, Poet, Art Assistant
Thomas North                           Photographer, Engineer
Eleanor Feik                             Associate Curator, Art Assistant 1983-1996
Michael Corbett                       Associate Pianist, Composer
Clay Bodenhamer                     Structural Artist, Editor, Gallery Director
Robert McConchie                   Associate Multi-Media Technician
Richard Murphy                       Associate Physicist, Educator
Ron Roberts                             Associate Composer, Basis Musician 1989-1997
Clifford Singer                          Associate Painter, Mathematician, Educator 1992
Steven Collins                           Structural Artist
Dennis Sander                          Associate Architect, Educator
Dwight Frizell                           Intern Media Artist
Jay Mandeville                         Intern, Poet, Editor/Publisher
Michael Zagalik                       Associate Photographer
Bobby Scroggins                     Associate, Artist
Caleb Roy                               Intern 2007-2010 Historian, Media Technician
Jeremy Eckhardt                     Associate Musician, Pyro-technician, Serigrapher 2012
Luke Alexander                      Associate Media Technician 2012
Megumi Yorozu                      Associate Cultural Communications Representative Japan

Andreas Weininger                 Originally Hungarian Bauhauser 1923-1927;
                                                      New York 1968 (d. 1986)
David Barr                             Associate Detroit, Structuralist Artist, Educator
Herbert W. Franke                Auf Munchen,Writer/Theoretician, Computer
                                                     Artist, Photographer
Howard Jones                        New Orleans, Printmaker, Educator
Max Mahlmann                      Hamburg, Structuralist Artist/Theoretician

ARC Centennial Poster 1966 -1976

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art Front Lawn
Light With The Art On
Process Exhibition


Gudrun Piper                          Hamburg, Structuralist Artist
Waldo Balart                          Madrid, Systematic Structuralist Artist/Theoretician
Robert Colomb                      Sydney, Cyberneticist
Manfred Mohr                       New York/Paris, Systematic/Computer Artist
Virgil Salvanu                         Cluj, Constructive Artist, Educator, Diplomat
Donald Willmott                     Owen Sound, Ontario, Sociologist/Ecologist
Dale Eldred                            Luminal Artist, Educator (d. 1993)
Laurence Booth                     Chicago, Architect, Structuralist Artist
Duane Benton                        Architect/Designer Entrepreneur, Inventor
Samella Gates                        Public Administrator, Community Organizer
Charles Wheeler                     Pathologist/ Entrepreneur, Civic Leader
John Evans                             Pharmacist, Bibliophile, 2010 Board Chair 2012




Black and White Photo, ( Kirilian Photography)
Artist Unknown ARC Telic 77 Exhibition

Photographs by Stephen Black


Examples of ARC Group Peripatetic Activity:

3 A.R.C. Artists at with works of 9, NT4 Zagreb 1969; 2 A.R.C. Artists with works of 7 artists Toronto/Montreal 1967; Buffalo, Boston, NYC 1967; 4 A.R.C. Artists with works of 8 during Buffalo's + X -(Organized Conference on Group Activity) 1968; 2 A.R.C. Artists with works of 14 at NT5&BIT

International Zagreb 1973; Art Research Center Group at ArtTransition, CAVS, MIT with event Kressge Mall & Coordinator on presentation panel 1976:
2 A.R.C. Artists with works of 8 at International Conference and Exhibition of Geometric and Structural Art, Madrid 1989; 3 A.R.C. Artists with works of 6 at BRIDGES & ART/MATH Winfield Ks & Berkley & Vallejo 1998; & recent conferences/meetings (ie ReConstruct/GEOM Owen Sound Ontario 1996; Lake Ozark MO 2008) & Kansas City KS & Kansas City MO 2011-12.

A.R.C. Group is currently exhibiting at ZKM, Karlsruhe, Center for Art and Media as participants in the New Tendencies and BIT International Exhibitions and Publications, since 2008-12. A.R.C. Group has been recently cited as 'pioneering' for "Artist's Spaces" by the Kansas City MO Charlotte Street Foundation involved in FRONTIER with graphics and interviews; in preparation for upcoming lecture and exhibition. Preparing small exhibitions for the AIA, a proposal for the Gordon Parks Foundation and a major Retrospective Exhibition; including historic and new works. by original 2nd, even 3rd, generation members, associates, advisors and friends 2013-2016



View of ARC doorway from inside. 1977

Telic chalk sign outside, Lady, a Basenji dog in doorway,
a large water-glycerin filled plexi prism on left.

Photographs by Stephen Black



Dorothy Moss (?) , Unknown, Unknown Artist,  Stephen Black, T.M. Stephens in ARC Telic 77 Annex Gallery 1977,
R. Travaglione Contact Sheet

Photographs by Stephen Black



ARC New Music Poster


T.M.Stephens, Unknown Visiting Artist in ARC, Telic 77 Annex Gallery 1977,
R. Travaglione Contact Sheet

T.M.Stephens in ARC Telic 77 gallery with art/musical instruments piece,
       Artist Unknown

Photographs by Stephen Black


Unknown Artist with helmet, Unknown artist, Dorothy Moss, T.M. Stephens,
(in Back) Stephen Black, Unknown in  ARC Telic 77 Annex Gallery 1977
R. Travaglione Contact Sheet

Photographs by Stephen Black


Dorothy Moss, T.M.Stephens, Stephen Black in ARC Telic 77 Annex Gallery 1977, With Interactive Glass/ Light Sculpture, Artist Unknown
R. Travaglione Contact Sheet     or

Photos and Posters from the collection of Stephen Black.

Black and white photos: Bob Travaglione,