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I create by implementing dry mediums like graphite and colored pencil, or digitally through software such as Procreate or the Adobe Creative Suite, such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. My preference depends on what project I am working on. For example, if it is more based on design, I'll gear towards digital software but still implement traditional dry mediums when making concepts. However, when I make completed pieces, such as fine art or intensive sketches, I use dry mediums for the entirety of the process.
I make art because I feel that I go down paths you know, and art is what I am familiar with, I communicated with others through images before I learned to do it with written language, and now that I'm older, I find that I continue to gravitate towards art as a way of communicating, and I continue to create art, as it is now within my chosen career. 
A short but efficient biography for me is that I, was born in Jefferson City, Missouri, and not only did I grow up there, but so did my passion for art, as having an outlet in a town with not much to do kept me busy. And through this creative outlet (art) I have honed my skills to become the artist and continuous learner that I am today.