A Children's Book of Barack Obama Our 44th President

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January 23 - March 4, 2010

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About Larna S. Garner (Author) and Essex Garner (Illustrator)


Page 17 Illustration (A Children's Book of Barack Obama Our 44th President)

Barack and Michelle Obama

(Oath of Office) 

Barack Obama
Columbia University

Page 7 Illustration


Barack Obama & Barack Obama Sr.

Page 5 Illustration

Barack Obama

(I Can)

Page 16 Illustration


Barack Obama

(The Push)

Harvard University


Page 9 Illustration



     My name is Larna S. Garner. I am a second-grade teacher in Jefferson City, Missouri. I hope young people especially enjoy this book about President Barrack Obama that I wrote, and my husband illustrated. I decided to write this book, because there was such a great desire from the children in my classroom to learn about President Obama. The book is written on an elementary level. Our book gives factual information on the life of Mr. Obama. My husband and I wanted to offer the young readers of this book an enriching lesson in geography. We included colorful detailed maps and background knowledge about the places where President Obama lived, worked, and visited. The front and back cover as well as the pencil sketches in the inside of the book are examples of my husbandís artwork. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in my book, and please tell us what you think about our book.

Larna S. Garner

Author Larna Garner,            Illustrator Essex Garner

A Children's Book of Barack Obama Our 44th President

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26 Pages (Including Cover), Elementary Level Reading
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21 Illustrations
Geography and Political Science Integrationís
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