Dreams Not Deferred
A Langston Hughes Differential





In My Father's House


Watercolor Gallery

Angels' in the Mist

Oil 48" x 62"




Learning to Read


Buffalo Soldier's of the American West


Unfinished Business


Dreams Not Deferred


Passages of My Time


Memorial  Hall Lincoln University


 Oil 48" x 58" 


The next time opportunity knocks; just run right in.

Signing Of The Treaty, Sculptor, Karl Bitter




Wall Graphics Kansas City

Art Research Center (ARC)


A Jazzy Renaissance (Chalk Art)


 Art Lesson Plans

Dreams Not Deferred

A Langston Deferential

Oil 48" x 56"

Oil Family Portraits: The Photo Session with a 1901 Century Camera Thumbnails below.

Student Art Exhibit Spring 2005
Lincoln University

Judge's Merit Award

A change from the Langston Hughes Poem
Dreams Deferred"


Gallery Previews









Make A Wish

Oil 46" x 50" 



Sculpture: Karl Theodore Francis Bitter (December 6, 1867 in Vienna April 9, 1915) was an Austrian-born United States sculptor best known for his architectural sculpture, memorials and residential work.



More Precious Than Silver

Oil 24" x 33" (2003)