Unfinished Business

Elizabeth Rozier Gallery, Union Hotel at the Jefferson Landing Historical Site in Jefferson City, Missouri




Grace in Giardino's Reale

Oil (2007) 48.5" x 59"


Piazza Castello in the Kings Garden (Sculptured by Bernardo Falconi and Giuseppe Carlone 1688( Turin, Italy).





Acrylic (1989) 16" x 24"

(Rendition) The Old Refrain, 1886

by William Harnett



Twenty-Five Collected Works Presented in both Gallery Sections

Silkscreen Memoriam Poster for The Poet Mbembe (1983)
Collection of Poems (Mbembe) Book Cover from Silkscreen Design (1984)
Special Thanks to the Gates Family (Kansas City, Missouri)



The Blue Lady

Blue and White Oil Sketch

 Oil 24" x 32",  (2003)







Black and White Oil Sketch






Cat On the Prowl

Acrylic on Canvas 16" x 20"




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