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ARC Timeline and Exhibit Schedule: 1963-1986

Big Dudes, Music City, Kansas City, Missouri

 Thank you for posting this picture of Michael; When I saw it, my jaw dropped (Merl F. Brown). Most people will never understand what he meant to me, even to this very day. I also remember more paint spots on the ground than that blue one.

  Big Dudes Music City

Big Dude's Music City at 38th and Grand. Collaborative  effort of Essex Garner, Ralph Feik and Thomas M. Stephens 1984. Constructivist design.



Concept1         Concept2


Burt Frederick's Building

   Burt Frederick's

Kansas City, Missouri 1976 Urban Design Award; Burt Fredericks Building (Art Research Center) ARC. Building no longer standing at East 47th Street, between Harrison and Troost. Geometric Constructivist design, collaborative effort of members of ARC.

Mokan Carpet Company

City-in-Motion & African Dance Troop


West Wall

Constructivist design, collaborative effort of members of ARC. One block West of 17th Street and Jefferson Street. Completed 1983. Center Photo (left side Director ARC Thomas Stephens; middle Artist Ralph Feik). Collaborative effort of Essex Garner, Ralph Feik and Thomas M.

East Wall

 Michael and Essex



Art Research Center (Twenty-Five Years)
Carlos Setien, CCS Mono Print behind everybody. Photo of: Carlos Setien, Thomas Michael Stephens, Essex Garner, Bob McConchie, John Baird, and Prof. Richard Murphy. Concept Painting for Big Dudes and Mokan Carpet in lower rear portion of photograph


The American Institute of Architects and Art Research Center February 5th through March 23rd, 1993. An Exhibit of Public Art; the last show of Art Research Center (an ARC 25 Year Retrospective) presented a special event with music by Ron Roberts and John Baird. Exhibition of more than 150 works. AIA Kansas City. 104 West 9th Street, Kansas City. Missouri.

Concept Painting by me displayed during the ARC Twenty-Five Year Retrospect Exhibit 1993 (Left); my mother.


Wall at 18th and Walnut. Collaborative effort Thomas Stephens, Essex Garner, Ralph Feik and Stephen Collins 1985. Constructivist design.



Building at 14th and Walnut Street. Collaborative effort of Essex Garner, and Thomas M. Stephens 

Structure torn down 2002.


Kansas City Public Library
 Image to the right.






The Electrical Substation between 18th Street and Holmes & Cherry Street. This project was commonly referred to as the psycho-delic substation covering one square city block. Collaborative effort Thomas Stephens, Essex Garner, Ralph Feik 1984-85.

Wall at 18th and Grand. Thomas Stephens, Ralph Feik and
Stephen Collins 1981.



Kansas City Public Library
Image below


English Teacher and Poet

After the tragic death of Milton; Michael Stephens ask me to put together a silk screen template for the memoriam of Mbembe; of course I said yes. Milton's mother, Samella Myers Gates with help from others, arranged to gather some of his collected poems, and to my knowledge, a last book was published. This silkscreen template was also used for the book cover. I'm sad about Mbembe, but content that I managed to hang on to copy 100 of 100.



You can purchase this book of poems at the American Jazz Museum located at 18th and Vine in Kansas City, Missouri or at the University Of Missouri Kansas City (UMKC).

Silk Screen Print Mbembe Milton Smith (1946-1982)

Click here for the book

Essex Garner Silk Screen
T.M Stephens



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