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In My Father's House

Watercolor Gallery

Learning to Read

Buffalo Soldier's of the American West

Unfinished Business

Dreams Not Deferred

Passages of My Time

Memorial  Hall Lincoln University

Wall Graphics Kansas City

Art Research Center (ARC)

A Jazzy Renaissance (Chalk Art)

Art Lesson Plans








Friends and Family

James Tatum, Ceramics
Ali Halane, Ceramics
Ronald Thompson, Visual Artist
Ida McBeth, Jazz Artist
Max Groove, Jazz Artist

Kenny Hudson,
Jazz Artist (baddest bass guitar player on the planet)

Mirkovick Art, Painter
Capitol Jazz.org
Remember Island Mound, Portraits of American History
Buffalo Soldier's of the American West


Royal Tunes, Jazzfest2012

Photo: Artist Essex Garner created this sidewalk masterpiece over the weekend. Come see it before it washes away!

Play That Song, Jazzfest 2010

Dizzy, Jazzfest 2009

Girl With a Pearl Earring, Jazzfest 2008

Man in a Red Turban, Jazzfest 2007

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Hope you enjoy what I'm painting and all my unfinished business, and keep watching. Man can only take from you things made by man, when God gives ability, and man tries to separate you from this, it will come back to you ten fold.