Civil War Studies of the Colored Infantry Soldier
of Missouri through Island Mound

Dead Reckoning

(2011) Oil on Canvas 22" x 28" (Right)


The Colored Boys

Oil on Canvas (2023) 45"x 65" (Left)




Indigenous Man

(2012) Oil on Canvas 22" x 28"


The Price
For Our Freedom

(2011) Watercolor 22" x 30"






Front Porch

(2011) Oil on Canvas 24" x 36" (Left)


Colored Infantry Soldier
Reading the Bible

(2011) Watercolor 22" x 28" (Right)





Learning to Read

(2011) Oil on Canvas 24" x 30" (Left)


Blind Faith

(2012) Watercolor 18" x 24"  (Right)







My Rod and Thy Staff

(2012) Watercolor 22" x 30"

Brother's of Brother Johnson


That You Go "Hhhmm"

(2011)Watercolor 22" x 30" Ed Dwight





Charles H. Wright Museum
 of African American History
The 54th Massachusetts


Magic House Visiting Artist
July 14 and 15, 2012,
Chalk Art Demonstration

Photo: Artist Essex Garner created this sidewalk masterpiece over the weekend. Come see it before it washes away!


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