Galleria Mixed Media
& Oils

2003 - 1981

Eagle Knoll Golf Course
# 6 Par Three


Mixed Media 24" x 36" (2003)



Pencil 19" x 26" (1989)




Dog and the Butterfly

The dog and the butterfly is a study of interesting things and the view from the dogs world. Okay, lets not forget the raccoons.

Acrylic 16" x 20" (1993)





11" x 16" upper pictorial of the inner most Sarcophagus of the boy king.  Eighteenth Dynasty.

Acrylic on Slate 48" x 36" (1996)




Fruit and Indian Teekee

Still life with fruit and Indian Teekee sculpture.

Acrylic 19" x 26" (1983)



George Washington Carver

Acrylic on Slate 27' x 4' (1989-90)





George Washington Carver

(Classroom) Tuskegee

Left Panel (1989)

Booker T. Washington

Right Section (Left Panel)



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