Contemporary Sculpture

Teacher: Mr. Essex Garner


Strand: (Making Art)


Objective: Finish the project






"Ein Tag ohne Wiki - ist ein Tag ohne mehr Wissen!"

Introduction: Study David Smith, Dale Eldred, Bauhaus and Moholy-Nagy and the new Bauhaus in Chicago, Calder, etc.

Supplies NeededFound Objects or constructed materials.




Step 3. Finish the project




 The Art of Essex Home

Painting Gallery One
Unfinished Business

Dreams Not Deferred

In My Father's House Water Color Gallery

Water Color Gallery One

Chalk Art 2007 Memorial Park

Chalk Art 2008 Memorial Park

Future Exhibits

Wall Graphics Kansas City Missouri

Constructivist Period and Art Research Center

Reading Writing & Arithmetic Christian Academy

Mixed Media

Memorial Hall Lincoln University Campus Jefferson City Missouri

Float Building 101 and the 135th Signal Battalion