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                                                        Lesson Plan: Chuck Close

Teacher: Mr. Essex Garner, Eugene R-5 High School, Eugene, Missouri
Cooperating Teacher: Mrs. Rhonda Burkett
Unit: Making Art – Art Appreciation Integration
Grade Level: Middle and High School (10 through 12) Art Fundamentals II

Students will develop and appreciation of the artwork created by Chuck Close and the techniques he used. Students will learn a system of repeated patterns that represent a larger image in direct correlation to the Chuck Close style of painting. Students will learn about the contributions of this contemporary artist.

Strand: (Know about Art), (Making Art) and Elements of Art.

Supplies Needed Colored pencils, 8 1/2” x 11” drawing Paper, and ruler.


 Introduction: Show pictures of Chuck Close’s different styles of painting and thematic techniques, and talk about his manipulations from realism verse contemporary art. Be sure to include the intricate details of each of his grids within the overall makeup of his large-scale paintings.

Chuck Close Project; Art Fundamentals II Art Student, Eugene R-5, Missouri (Right)


Steps 1. Students will chose a portrait meeting the requirements of this exercise. Complete a simple linear contour drawing using the grid method. Erase the grid lines used for the initial portrait, and then draw either a diagonal or radial grid on top of the portrait.


Step 2. Have student divide their colored pencils into four different groups. From there, students separate pencils into two light value groups of warm and cool colors; and two dark value groups of warm and cool colors.


Step 3. Have students develop a system of colored patterns in reference to the Chuck Close style of painting.  Students need to pay attention to the light and dark values within each portrait, and the balance of cool versus warm color.

Step 4. Have students apply their color techniques to each grid within the radial or diagonal format. Complete this technique until the portrait is complete. Mounting optional.


Vocabulary: Chuck Close, contemporary art(ist), thematic techniques, linear, contour drawing,

warm and cool colors, radial and diagonal patterns.

Chuck Close Project; Art Fundamentals II Art Student, Eugene R-5, Missouri (Right)


Chuck Close Project; Art Fundamentals II Art Student, Eugene R-5, Missouri (Right)

Clean Up: Allow 5 minutes prior to accomplish before class ends.


Recommended Web Resources:

1.  The Museum of Modern Art, New York
     Chuck Close   

2.  Chuck Close Washington




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