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Lesson Plan: Paper Portrait Mosaics

Teacher: Mr. Essex Garner
Eugene R-5 High School,
Eugene, Missouri
Cooperating Teacher: Mrs. Rhonda Burkett
Unit: Making Art
Grade Level: Middle and High School (9 through 12)


Strand: (Know about Art), (Making Art), and Elements of Art


Objective Students will learn a new technique not
based on drawing skills, and develop an appreciation
for the Arts within the crafts of Mosaics. Students will incorporate the disciplines of composition, color placement, arrangement of shapes and esthetics.

(Right View) Eugene R-5 Art Fundamentals 1 Student project.

Introduction: Show pictures of different mosaic techniques and talk about the different places, buildings, churches, and structures that mosaic art work can be located. Ideal events are to actually take students to view different types of mosaic pattern. Be sure to include the cultural aspects in how different societies use mosaic within art. Ensure to distinguish the differences between crafts and art.

Supplies Needed Scissors, Q-Tips, Glue, Construction or Manila Paper, tracing paper and Magazines


(Right View) Eugene R-5 Art Fundamentals 1 Student project.

Steps 1. Students will find a photograph and or picture to trace out their image for this project. Students need to be aware of the value changes within the picture they choose for this project. For normal class periods and the experience levels of the fundamentals classes; allow for 8 1/2 x 11 paper for this project.



Step 2. Transfer their traced drawing to construction paper by the carbon copy method.


Step 3. Have students start cutting out shapes from magazine articles or picture to be used as their tile pieces. Make sure the students at this time are thinking about varieties of colors, texture and values to be incorporated into the overall look of their work.


Step 4. While students are placing their paper tiles onto the construction paper.

a.   Insure and demonstrate the overlapping and grout methods of tile placements.


b.   Insure students understand that the color and texture selections from their cut out pieces of paper tiles will affect the compositional make-up and contrasted areas.

c.    Insure the students paper selections relate to the subject color surface areas.

(Right View) Eugene R-5 Art Fundamentals 1 Student project.

Example: Paper pieces cut out  to reflect green patterns could be cut from leaves, grass, etc.

Step 5. Let portrait mosaics dry and prepare for background mounting.

Vocabulary: Mosaics, crafts, arrangement, shapes and esthetics, mosaic pattern, carbon copy, tracing paper, value changes, overlapping technique, grout methods, portrait mosaics


(Right View) Eugene R-5 Art Fundamentals 1 Student project.


Clean Up: Allow 5 minutes prior to accomplish before class ends.









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